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As the mobile gaming industry continues to expand, so should your portfolio. Tapinator (TAPM) is a leading mobile gaming company with over 300 apps in the iOS, Google Play and Amazon marketplaces. Their experienced team of developers, strategists and product specialists have established proven expertise in building scalable, quality mobile products across the gaming, entertainment and lifestyle categories. Utilizing a unique quantitative approach to the industry, Tapinator uses proprietary development and publishing processes aimed at maximizing projected profitability and long-term returns on its mobile app investments.

Tapinator operates in an industry with a very attractive future outlook. The primary factor driving the industry is the number of mobile handsets used on a global basis. The number of Smartphone users worldwide has grown exponentially over the last decade, and is expected to reach 3.8 billion by 2021 according to a report by research firm Newzoo. The growth of Smartphones in use globally will help mobile application developers and publishers such as Tapinator continue to grow their user base, which should help these companies generate higher revenues over the next ten years. Greater internet penetration in emerging countries, the rise of a large middle-class in major developing countries and the rollout of 5G networks are three other factors that are expected to drive significant growth in the mobile gaming industry over the next 5-10 years.

Undoubtedly, the massive growth opportunity expected in the mobile gaming industry provides a robust opportunity for Tapinator to continue to tap into this multi-billion dollar market and gain market share by continuing to develop high-quality, category leading applications. In fact, last year, mobile gaming spend exceeded combined spend on both consoles and PCs, by 20%.

Is TAPM Undervaluded?

Tapinator is focused on developing a portfolio of category-leading mobile apps that have lucrative and long-term monetization potential. Tapinator is expected to realize elevated earnings potential as they’ve recently changed their strategy in response to the maturation of casual mobile games in recent years.  450 Million Mobile Downloads & Growing! Their initial business strategy that focused on rapidly-launched, hypercasual games helped Tapinator gain traction in the mobile gaming industry and record over 450 million consumer downloads through 2018.  Now, a new strategy has repositioned the company to earn much higher revenues in the future.

After 18 months of testing, Tapinator's management has recently unveiled its current, more powerful strategy focused on category leading apps in evergreen categories. These freemium apps, often with subscription based monetization, are being developed by Tapinator to create a portfolio of recurring and stackable revenue streams. In fact, Tapinator’s social casino game, Video Poker Classic, has become the leader within the lucrative and evergreen video poker category across all the leading US mobile platforms.

To this end, Tapinator is focused on developing mobile apps that are expected to accommodate and survive the dynamic nature of the mobile smartphone market. The company has proven itself adept at analyzing global user behavior to determine market opportunities for mobile applications and games that support Tapinator’s strategy of developing the #1 or #2 leading product in a particular category. In addition to achieving this position within the video poker category, Tapinator currently has properties that can potentially achieve #1 or #2 within the lucrative categories of solitaire, astrology and idle games.


The Lucrative Freemium App Model

Tapinator has shifted its focus from a quantity based approach to developing best-in-class, category-leading applications with significantly higher monetization potential. The Company’s decision to focus on freemium applications and subscription based monetization could be lucrative for Tapinator and its investors as it positions itself to earn substantially higher revenues and profits.

As earnings grow, more investors will likely take notice of Tapinator, and the shares should get a boost from the increased investor demand. This could lead to a significant capital appreciation return for early Tapinator investors. The management tream seems laser focused on their quality strategy, which should  secure Tapinator’s leading market position and result in millions of mobile application downloads annually. Accordingly, the successful monetization of Tapinator’s massive user base is expected to result in higher profits for the company.

Growth savvy investors should take note of Tapinator’s near term potential. The company's share price could rise rapidly if Tapinator executes its plans as anticipated.


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